Bittersweet: Practices & Reflections

Art Credits

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  2. Schaller, Thomas W. January Day – NYC. 2020, Displayed with Permission from the Artist.
  3. Kramsztyk, Roman. Sad Owocowy. 1913, Wikimedia Commons. 
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  8. Baranova, Tetiana. Portrait of a Young Woman. 2021, Displayed with Permission from the Artist.   
  9. Angelou, Maya. “On Aging.”, 14 May 2015, 
  10. “Thaïs, Act 2: Méditation (Arr. For Cello and Piano).” Youtube, uploaded by Min Kym – Topic, 
  11. Code6d. “Hands of Great Grandmother and Newborn Baby.” 2012, Photograph, 
  12. “Baby Hears Moonlight Sonata for the First Time, the Purest Reaction to Beethoven.” YouTube, uploaded by YtBoom,
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